Bitcoin Forecast – Price prediction for 2018, 2019

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Bitcoin Forecast – Price prediction for 2018, 2019

March 2, 2018 Uncategorized 3


Bitcoin price fluctuates permanently. If at the time of launch in January 2009, it was worth $ 0.003, Bitcoin reached a historic point in December 2017 exceeding the $19,000 threshold. March began with Bitcoin worth over $10,000 and by the end of 2018 it is projected to exceed $24,000.



The 5-year forecast looks promising for those who have invested in Bitcoin, as it is estimated that Bitcoin will cost more than $74,500. So if you are still wondering if you should invest in Bitcoin, now it’s your chance. For example, if you invest today $ 1,000 in Bitcoin, you will get 0.092300 BTC that may be worth at the end of 2018 $ 2,400 or $ 6,879. 


Bitcoin Forecast 2018-2019



3 Responses

  1. Josh btc says:

    I hope Bitcoin will recover at reach over $30k this year.

  2. cryptoaddict says:

    Actually, I don’t believe it will go higher than 20 k this year as Bitcoin is mostly used to buy other coins like ripple or dogecoin.

  3. peter A says:

    I have almost 0.03 btc and I am thinkin of exchange it in Doge. I have a strong feeling it will go up this year.

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